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The Jesuit Institute

at boston college

St. Ignatius Statue


The Jesuit Institute was established in 1988 to support the Jesuit, Catholic character of Boston College precisely as a university. Initially funded by the Jesuit Community and then by subsequent generous donations, the Institute works in collaboration with existing schools, programs and faculties primarily at Boston College. Within the atmosphere of academic freedom and colleagueship, the Institute promotes research and collaboration on issues that emerge at the intersection of faith and culture. The Institute supports programs that explore such religious and ethical questions and sponsors the presence on campus of scholars committed to these questions.


Message from the Director


Welcome to the web page of the Jesuit Institute at Boston College. The Jesuit Institute seeks to serve the Boston College community as an intellectual resource that encourages dialogue and discussion around the areas of faith and culture. While many of our programs (faculty seminars, lectures, important disputed questions of the day, and short colloquia addressing a particular issue) relate immediately and directly to the intellectual life here on campus, the Institute also intends an outreach to the larger scholarly community both in the United States and abroad. In past years the Jesuit Institute has also supported a number of national and international conferences. These meetings have produced a host of publications of almost every type. Our vision is to communicate the Catholic and Jesuit identity of Boston College, but precisely through the intellectual life, always emphasizing and continuing the reflection on the ancient yet ever new Catholic intellectual tradition. Earnest and honest dialogue, broadly fixed around the great and central issues of human identity, and especially in the context of faith and culture is the goal of the Jesuit Institute at Boston College.

James F. Keenan, S.J.
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