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Let us be your go-to resource for academic services. Learn about registering for courses, add/drop, and where and when your exams are scheduled.

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Academic Record

Our office is here to help make sense of your degree requirements and keep you on pace for graduation. Learn how to request degree audits and transcripts.

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Financial Aid

Boston College is committed to eliminating financial barriers to higher education. Learn more about the available options鈥攇rants, scholarships, and loans鈥攚hich can help you and your family finance your education.

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Billing & Student Accounts

Find the latest on tuition and fees and billing deadlines. Various payment methods for paying your student account balance are available.

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Student Employment

Explore the various on- and off-campus employment opportunities available to students. We are here to answer questions for both new hires and current student employees.

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University Catalog

The University Catalog contains information on all undergraduate and graduate offerings at Boston College.

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Faculty & Staff Resources

News and Notes

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